New to camping?

West Country VW Camper Hire
New to Camping? West Country VW Camper Hire

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Don’t worry, West country VW Camper Hire will give you all the information you need for your first-time camping.

So, you have decided not to get on an aeroplane with the ever-present threat of catching or spreading Covid-19 and you want to know, is it safer to go camping?  Most definitely it is, yes!

Firstly, you won’t have the risk that comes with mixing with other passengers in the airport and on the aeroplane and, secondly, you can keep away from other people in the safety of your own camping pitch!

Taking a holiday in the UK may not have previously crossed your mind and if you haven’t considered a camping holiday before, it may seem quite daunting.

But, if you do your homework first, you may find a new interest in all sorts of things to do you may not have considered before.

Britain has an abundance of fabulous places to visit and explore and many are, quite possibly, right on your doorstep!

Where is there to go on holiday in Britain?

One of the first things to do is to start thinking about what interests you.  Investigate the vast selection of interesting places we have in Britain.  Look at things you think you may be interested in like…

  • Adventure parks for the kids
  • Stately homes
  • Historical towns and villages
  • Gorges
  • Fishing villages
  • English Castles
  • Cathedrals and Abbeys
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Moorlands and woodlands
  • Walking and Cycling routes
  • Beautiful beaches

….the list goes on!

We will elaborate in more detail on later blogs and give you specific information, but you can see, the list of things Britain has to offer, is endless!

Once you have decided where you want to visit, the next step is to choose somewhere to stay!

Where can I go camping?

Staying at a campsite is always the safest and best place to stay but, if you decide to wild camp, be careful!  Wild camping is where you pitch up in a remote place where there will be no facilities.  Wild camping is only permitted in certain places in England and Wales, and limited to Dartmoor and private land, where the owner has specifically given permission.  Scotland does allow wild camping under the ‘right to roam’ laws but as with any wild camping, you are required to abide by the Outdoor Access Code and respect the countryside.

If you are new to camping, going to a campsite is by far the safest option for you.

How to choose the right campsite.

Campsites can vary from a basic working farm, right up to luxurious sites with every facility you can think of and some even have swimming pools!

This is where the real homework starts!…

Think about what is important to you.  Do you want peace and quiet, remoteness or to be on a bustling, busy, if a little noisy, campsite?  You might need to entertain children or go for lovely long walks, but, whatever you like, make sure your chosen campsite offers what you need.

If walking to the local pub for a Sunday lunch is your thing, make sure you can walk from the campsite safely and find out how far away it is.  Google maps is always a good tool for finding distances from your chosen campsite.

If you have children to entertain, make sure there are plenty of things for them to do safely and find out what is open, especially during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Do campsites have shops?

Most campsites now have a shop of some kind selling at least the basics and others have large shops, almost as big as a small supermarket! 

The more rural campsites may have a shop selling local produce, milk, fresh eggs, jams, freshly baked bread, and a lot more.

You will be surprised what you can find in a campsite shop!

Even if you have not done your research about local places of interest, most campsites shops will provide useful information.

What food to bring camping?

You will be surprised what most campsites have to offer onsite.  They range from selling basic food items, to arranging for an abundance of food delivery

companies bringing in Pizza, India food, Fish and chips and all sorts of other delicious meals.

Many campsites have either a bar, café, or small restaurant onsite and some offer BBQ’s and firepits for hire!

So, one way or another, you should never be short of something to eat!

Now your interest has been well and truly sparked, what are you waiting for?

All you need to do is find the right campervan, so you have come to the right place!

Book your amazing and fully equipped campervan with West County VW Camper Hire now and don’t look back!

We have made everything extremely easy with our online booking system and all the information you need to know can be found on our website.

Have fun and enjoy your camping trip in Britain!

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Laura BriggsLaura Briggs
14:06 01 Aug 22
Wow wow wow, what a van and what an amazing company. Jo and Roger go above and beyond to make sure everything is just right and made our adventure so memorable.We will never forget our time in Arthur II and would absolutely recommend to anyone who is thinking of hiring a camper van to go to this company .
Ross KernickRoss Kernick
19:53 06 Jun 22
Fabulous in all aspects. Owners are so accommodating and positive whilst being very relaxed. We hired Fred ll and couldn’t fault a thing, had a great long weekend away made all the more special in the Van. Highly recommended and we will definitely hire again in the future.
Mary Beth GreenopMary Beth Greenop
05:50 12 May 22
Spent a wonderful weekend in 'Fred II' with my daughter staying at the Badminton Horse Trials campsite. We were also newbies to the delights of VW campers and 'Fred' (along with Jo and Roger) provided the perfect initiation. A beautifully presented and equipped van which surpassed our expectations for comfort and facilities. 'Fred' was much admired! Special thanks to Jo and Roger for their excellent and patient briefing and support manual incase you forgot anything!
Rob JonesRob Jones
16:14 17 Apr 22
Our first campervan experience and loved every minute of it. Great service, fantastic van, brilliant holiday. Fred the van was very comfortable, clean and equipped with everything we needed. Looking forward to doing it all again.
Nicola CoxNicola Cox
20:19 26 Aug 21
This was our first campervan holiday experience and, thanks to Jo and Roger (and Fred), we had an amazing time! Fred was really the star of the show. He is stylish & smart.Fred contained everything we needed for a comfortable holiday and Jo & Roger couldn't have been more helpful with making sure that we were happy with everything before we set off. We were really impressed with the solar power, as we were off grid for 4 days, and everything worked well.I would really recommend this to newbies like us!